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A secure self-hosted productivity platform that you can control. An alternative to Office 365

It never happens to me

Do you belong to those that has head about how security leaks has created extreme consequences for companies, but you think that this would never happen you you?

Today when we have a more digital information connected and connected devices we really need to question if we really has thought of the security in our services.

Our concept to help companies securing their IT environment often includes Nextcloud because it is built for a more secure way of handling data.

That we with Nextcloud additionally offers a more broad and a more user friendly solution to a cost that challenges small and large organisations makes it even more interesting.


Nextcloud files

Makes it possible for companies to take back control over their data, securing that routines  are followed, get a good level on security and immediate access regardless of where their employees are.


Nextcloud talk

Screen sharing, conduct meetings and conferences online, without leaking  information.


Nextcloud Groupware

Nextcloud Groupware integrates calender, contacts, email and other productivity tools to help teams to do their work faster, simpler and on your terms.

Heard from our users of Nextcloud

Manegment of our documents and files in our company has previously been diversed over iCloud, Dropbox and local computers. Now when we use Nextcloud we have complete controler that files is saved the right way and that it's not shared with unauthorized persons. We strongly recommend it!

Nextcloud - a simple solution

There are many products for file management, online meetings and productivity but Nextcloud stands out in its simplicity and ability to scale where both the small and the big company makes direct savings in its IT environment.

Own server as a cloud solution
File sharing
Mobile clients
Manage workflow
Encrypted file storage

We know that we can make a difference for you too

Leave your contact information here and we will get in touch with you to check what challenges you might have in IT and security, we will also help you to create an action plan for you to reach your goals for a safe and protected IT environment.